Estate Planning, Trust, and Wills

We help clients in their desire to ensure their estates remain in their control for the lifetimes and while they have capacity. We ensure that their estates then pass to whom they want, the way they want and, to the extent possible, avoiding all unnecessary delay, fees and taxes.

Estate planning

  • Assets and creditor protection
  • Probate, estate, and trust administration 
  • Creation of a trust 
  • Creation of a will 
  • Conservatorship 
  • Advanced health care directives 
  • Special needs


  • Living will
  • Simple will
  • Pourover will
  • Holographic will
  • Creating guardianship of children


  • Creation of a living trusts
  • Living revocable trusts
  • Irrevocable trusts
  • Removable trusts
  • Medical protection trusts
  • Guns and pet trusts
  • Special needs trusts

Trust and wills Litigation

  • Contesting the validity or terms of a will or trust
  • Trust termination or modification
  • Disputes between beneficiaries
  • Grantor lacked the proper capacity
  • Undue influence
  • Forgery
  • Financial elder abuse
  • Breach of a fiduciary duty


  • Making an inventory of assets
  • Distributing remaining assets on behalf of the decedent
  • Preparing and filing the necessary paperwork
  • Mediating disputes over assets between beneficiaries
  • Validating the will
  • Settling outstanding debts
  • Paying taxes

Power Of Attorney

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